Police in San Francisco are looking into two Teslas that were burnt by an arsonist on the same night just one block apart. This occurred in the SoMa district. Two Model Ys were targeted and the suspect was caught on camera.

CBS News reports that "arson happened on Saturday morning at around 12:45 a.m. near the intersection of Shipley and 4th Streets."

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A string of arsons in San Francisco have claimed at least two Teslas now.

Police are seeking public assistance to identify the suspect in two arsons that took place last weekend.

A surveillance camera captured the act of a person (likely a man, who was wearing a hoodie and carrying some bags) lighting what appeared to be some paper and then setting this on top of the front passenger tire of a parked white Model Y. The Model Y was later determined to be a 2020 Model Year car belonging to Van Vuong.

Vuong told CBS News:

We were going to go get in the car to go play some tennis.  First thing I noticed was that, 'Hey, someone burned a car.'  And we just kind of walked by it and I thought 'Shoot, where's my car?' And I thought 'No, that can't be my car.' And then I kind of looked around at the parts that were here, the license plate was here.  And it was white in color. And I was like, 'Oh my God, my car is gone!'


Around 30 minutes prior to the burning of Vuong's white Model Y, another Model Y was targeted by the arsonist. Joanne Baker owned the other Model Y. She told CBS News:

"I smelled something and then I woke up. I see this red smoke. And then I opened the window and looked at it and said 'My God!'

Firefighters responded to both scenes but both Model Y were total losses.

The San Francisco police department is seeking the help of the public to identify the arsonist. However, the video footage is not the best.

Some Tesla owners in the area say that they will park in garages until the suspect is caught.

If you have any information on the arson, contact the San Francisco police department.

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