Tesla is planning to build a massive new Supercharger station in California that will have enough room and power for over 160 EVs at the same time.

According to the construction permit application that was unearthed by @MarcoRPi1 on X, the huge EV charging station will be built in Kern County, California, near the I-5 and Highway 46 interchange.

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Tesla goes big on Supercharging

Tesla wants to go big or go home in the EV charging game. According to a construction permit published by an X user, the American EV maker is planning on building a massive new Supercharger station in California that will have no fewer than 164 stalls. When built, the new facility will be almost double the size of today's largest Supercharger station which has 98 stalls.

Currently, the largest Supercharger in the world is considered to be the one at the Harris Ranch complex in Coalinga, California, with 98 charging bays. But with 164 stalls, the newly planned facility will be almost twice as big, catering to the growing number of EVs on the road–both Tesla-branded or otherwise.

The plans also show Tesla will build 16 pull-through bays that are designed to make charging easier for cars that are pulling a trailer. Furthermore, every parking stall will have solar canopies that will presumably feed electricity into several stationary batteries, making the whole experience of topping up an EV as environmentally friendly as possible. It will also help reduce the cost of charging by cutting down on the energy retrieved from the grid.

The documents don’t mention when the immense charging hub will be built but judging from the speed at which past projects were completed, we could see it online as soon as the end of this year.


California has been the home of the largest Tesla Supercharger stations for a good number of years. The Kettleman City facility between Los Angeles and San Francisco had the title when it opened in 2017 with 40 stalls. Then, the hub at The Outlets at Tejon in the San Joaquin Valley took its place with 76 stalls, followed by the Harris Ranch facility with 98 bays.

That said, the city of Shenzen, China has the largest electric car charging station in the world with a reported 637 spots.

Tesla Superchargers are DC fast chargers that can add up to 200 miles of range in 15 minutes for some EVs. It’s also widely recognized as the best charging network in the United States, with near-perfect reported uptime stats, large availability, and good user satisfaction. Around the world, there are roughly 6,000 Tesla Superchargers that can cater to approximately 55,000 EVs at the same time.

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