Some of the earlier range tests of the Tesla Cybertruck found it to perform well below Tesla's estimated range figures but this latest test found the opposite to be true.

The first Cybertruck range test by Out of Spec resulted in the vehicle falling about 20 percent shy of Tesla's estimated range. Another less accurate test found the Cybertruck to average between 164 and 206 miles.

If the Cybertruck's real-world range was really far below Tesla's estimated range, then perhaps that range-extending battery makes sense. Maybe that's why the take rate for the range-extending battery was nearly 25 percent. However, this latest Cybertruck range test revealed an entirely different result.

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Range Tested. The Tesla Cybertruck exceeded its estimated range rating in the latest range test.

This is perhaps the only tested Tesla to achieve more than its claimed range in a range test. It beat the estimated range by some 16 miles. Most Teslas fall short of achieving their rated range in independent range tests.

In steps Edmunds with a Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series, which was put through the official Edmunds EV Range Test (full testing methodology can be found here). The result? The Cybertruck went 334 miles on Edmunds range test, which is 16 miles more than Tesla's estimated 318 miles for the particular version of the tested truck on all-terrain tires.

You are probably asking, how does Edmunds conduct its range testing? Here are the details in abbreviated form:

What is Edmunds tested range?

Edmunds begins with full battery charge and drives an electric vehicle on a mix of city and highway roads (approximately 60% city, 40% highway) until the battery is almost entirely empty. (We target 10 miles of remaining range for safety.) The miles traveled and the indicated remaining range are added together for the Edmunds total tested range figure. We prefer to use a higher percentage of city road driving because we believe it's more representative of typical EV use.

There are several versions of the Cybertruck and different tire combos too (see the full lineup here). Also, the aero wheel covers can add some range. Edmunds notes:

Cybertruck on all-terrain tires is rated by Tesla as having 318 miles of range. The Cybertruck, therefore, actually exceeded its range estimates. We look forward to testing the 340-mile-rated Cybertruck on all-season tires with aero covers.

There's one last thing worth pointing out. The tested Cybertruck beat its estimated range, whereas almost every other Tesla tested fell short of its estimated range, sometimes by a large margin.

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