The upcoming Cadillac Escalade IQ, an all-electric full-size SUV based on the General Motors' Ultium platform, will enter production in the summer of 2024 at GM’s Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center in Michigan.

It will be the third electric Cadillac model (after the Cadillac Lyriq and the unique Cadillac Celestiq) and targets the high-end, luxury, three-row SUV segment. In today's post, we will summarize the main specs of the model.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Exterior Rear Quarter
2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Interior Dashboard


According to Cadillac, the Cadillac Escalade IQ will start at around $130,000, including destination charges.

The model exceeds the $80,000 price cap for the $7,500 federal tax credit incentive, so it will not qualify for it.


Model Base Price Dest. Charge Tax Credit Effective Price
2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ 24-inch $130,000*   N/A $130,000

The pricing of the Cadillac Escalade IQ is high, although it will be equipped with a lot of features, including four-wheel steering, Adaptive Air Ride Suspension system, Super Cruise driver assistance, 55-inch total diagonal LED display and a bidirectional charging capability.


Battery and Range

The Cadillac Escalade IQ is based on the General Motors' Ultium platform and appears to be using the largest available battery pack option, which is also used in the GMC Hummer EV Pickup/SUV and Chevrolet Silverado EV/GMC Sierra EV.

Cadillac does not reveal the exact battery capacity but says that the 24-module, two-story Ultium battery has more than 200 kilowatt-hours of available energy (usable, as we understand). That's one of the largest batteries on the market.

Thanks to the large battery pack, the Cadillac Escalade IQ will have about 450 miles of range, despite its size, aerodynamics, weight and large 24-inch wheels with 35-inch tires (LT275/50R24). The exact EPA estimated range and energy consumption numbers are not yet available.

GM currently uses lithium-ion battery cells (NCMA cathode with blended graphite anode), supplied by Ultium Cells, a joint venture with LG Energy Solution.

An interesting element of the Cadillac Escalade IQ is the Ultium Energy Recovery heat pump thermal system, which "allows for energy to transfer between the battery/power electronics and the cabin, using every watt possible to optimize range and minimizing the power from the high-voltage battery used for five-zone climate control." This should help to maintain the high range even in unfavorable weather conditions.

General Motors Ultium platform: Cadillac Escalade IQ

General Motors Ultium platform: Cadillac Escalade IQ


The on-board 19.2-kilowatt charger should be enough to fully recharge the battery overnight. Cadillac estimates that it should replenish up to 37 miles of range per hour. Assuming this metric, we might expect 450 miles to be replenished in roughly 12 hours.

In the case of the DC fast charging, the Cadillac Escalade IQ is promised to add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes, taking advantage of high-power, 800-volt class chargers. We guess that the peak power will reach 300-350 kilowatts, just like in some of the other Ultium-based models.

It's not clear yet whether the Cadillac Escalade IQ will be equipped with the NACS charging inlet right from the start (GM confirmed the switch starting in 2025). If not, then the initial batch might use CCS1.

The Cadillac Escalade IQ will get a Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) offboard power feature, as well as a Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) bidirectional charging capability, compatible with GM Energy’s Ultium Home products.


The Cadillac Escalade IQ has a dual-motor, all-wheel drive powertrain, consisting of two electric motors—one per axle. The motor type is described as a permanent magnet motor with bar wound windings.

The peak system output of the powertrain, in the Velocity Max driving mode, is estimated at 560 kW (750 hp) and 1064 Nm (785 lb-ft) of torque. That's enough to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, the company estimates. In the Normal Mode, it's 505 kW (680 hp) and 834 Nm (615 lb-ft) of torque.

Towing capability is estimated at up to 8,000 lbs (3,628 kg).

Basic specs

Model Drive Battery
2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ 24-inch AWD 200* 450 mi* 5.0*

* "more than 200 kWh of available energy"; range and acceleration according to Cadillac estimate

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