The Jaguar I-Pace has not only wooed the press, but also the company's employees as a whole.

Autocar recently sat down with Jaguar chief product engineer Dave Shaw. Then publication wanted to learn how JLR plans to follow up its award-winning, standout EV: the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace. While Shaw never full answers that question, he provides some valuable insight into the I-Pace and the potential electric future of JLR.

Shaw explains that the I-Pace concept started about three years ago, and initially, it was only a project. He shares:

We started three years ago. The project was X590 – the brief from Dr Ziebart was to make the best Jaguar electric car. Then it changed to making the best EV in the world. The project then changed – it started out as only a research project, but then we started to solve all the problems and it became real.

He's honest to admit that he's a true pertrolhead and didn't want to move forward with an all-electric model. Since then, Shaw has taken ownership of his own I-Pace and racked up 20,000 miles. He's so impressed, he says he'll never go back.

According to Shaw, Jaguar will forever adapt the I-Pace via continuous and constant product updates, as well as over-the-air updates. This will assure that the battery-electric crossover remains future-proof. In addition, the I-Pace is an inspiration for the automaker in terms of its interior and technology features. Going forward, lessons learned from developing and producing the I-Pace will trickle into JLR's future product line. Shaw explains:

Both in the mindset and in other EVs. It will inspire our interiors to move forward – we acknowledge what we need to do to Jaguar interiors and the I-Pace will inform our thinking. We now have all the lessons of building an electric car and that stands us in good stead. The mindset shift puts us in great shape for the future. There’s a buzz on EVs, and all engineers here are revved up for the possibilities.

The interviewer asked Shaw a few times if Jaguar will produce other variants of the I-Pace, if it will spawn other models, and how the automaker plans to follow up the electric Jag. While Shaw says the company plans to use the tech as a springboard to develop and build on, he never really answers any questions related to future models.

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Source: Autocar

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