Lots of details covered.

We have featured a number of pretty decent video reviews of the Hyundai Kona Electric in the past. This new one, hosted by a gentleman by the name of Edward (a little more on that below), stands out as particularly thorough, though technically, it's more of a walk-around than a typical review. Considering that the Canadian version of the all-electric crossover just recently went on sale in the Great White North -- where this footage was shot -- it is timely, however.

The particular vehicle in the video sports the "Ultimate" trim level. It has a number of features not included on the yet-to-be-available "Preferred" trim package (the U.S. gets three trim levels). These include an 8-inch touch-screen navigation system with an Infinity premium audio system, full LED headlights, a power sunroof, and leather seats, with the front pair being ventilated. Starting price is CDN $51,999 ($38,930).

Speaking of seats, one thing our Canadian Kona Electric owners on the InsideEVs Forum have noted, and one of the few details not mentioned in this video, is the Canuck version of the vehicle does not have power controls for the front passenger seat. Or powered folding mirrors, for that matter. It does, though, come with a heat pump and five years of free Hyundai Blue Link.

The video appears on the Ed's Garage YouTube channel, and here is where it gets a little bit interesting. Edward, as he says in the clip, works for Mertin Hyundai, a dealership located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Salespeople selling traditional brands have come under criticism for not being very well informed about electric vehicles in the past. That charge certainly can't be leveled at this guy. As you watch the video, you'll see him point out a host of facts you don't learn from skimming through a brochure. This writer certainly learned a few things.

Even if you're not buying the Canadian version, we think this video is worth the time. The Kona Electric should begin shipping to the U.S. rather soon, so if you have one ordered, this should help prepare you.

Source: YouTube

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