The FCVs were left behind by plug-ins

We were promised by some Asian manufacturers that hydrogen fuel cell cars are the future, but as we check the numbers for 2018, it seems that sales are not only meaningless, but also haven't changed much over the year.

The total volume seems to be above 2,300, similar to 2017, which is not even 1% of the number noted by plug-in electric cars (361,307).

The most "popular" FCV - the Toyota Mirai noted 1,700 deliveries, which is 7.5% less than a year earlier.

  • Toyota Mirai - 1,700 (down 7.5% from 1,838)
  • Honda Clarity Fuel Cell - 624 (up from 431 a year ago, according to our estimations)
  • Hyundai NEXO - 8 (first was delivered in December)
  • Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell - no data
  • Total: about 2,332 (vs. 2,269)
With the Hyundai NEXO on the market, sales sure can go up, but the plug-ins will be so far ahead that we can't imagine how FCVs will ever catch up.

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