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Toyota To Trial Mirai Fuel Cell In China

Coinciding with the start of these tests, the brand will also establish a hydrogen station in the country. After reaching the cold winters in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and other places around the world, the eco-friendly Toyota Mirai will finally travel to China for first demonstration…

6 months ago by Anthony Karr 44

All Toyota Mirais Recalled For Software Glitch

Toyota announced that all of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars are affected by a software glitch that needs a recall to repair; an issue that an over-the-air update system probably could have alleviated seamlessly. To date, 2,843 Mirai have been sold worldwide since December 2014 (mainly in Japan and the…

9 months ago by Mark Kane 29

ITM Hydrogen Rally In Toyota Mirai – Fully Charged

The recent episode of Fully Filled Charged is all about hydrogen. Well, it is true thast the Fully Charged series has always been open to all of the renewable energy options, even for those we don’t necessarily see as commerically viable at this point in time. ITM Power recently launched its third…

1 year ago by Mark Kane 42

Toyota Mirai Test Drive Review Video – Not Quite There Yet

A comprehensive walk-through of the hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai, including exterior, interior, driving and refueling has been filed by Autogefühl (a favorite of ours). The conclusions however are mixed, as on one side it’s solid car, while on the other, there is dramatic/controversial designs at work, with some cheap looking details….

1 year ago by Mark Kane 117