How can you even compare the popular all-electric Tesla Model Y to Toyota's fuel-cell-powered Mirai? While it might upset some hardcore Tesla fans and owners, it turns out, there's a whole lot to cover here. And, if you're really all about renewable energy and the future of transportation, this begs your attention.

Chances are, you're all well-aware of the Tesla Model Y. It's basically a crossover version of the most popular EV on the planet: The Tesla Model 3. CEO Elon Musk believes the Model Y has the potential to outsell all other Tesla vehicles combined. This is because the U.S. is one of the toughest places in the world to sell EVs, and crossovers are all the rage on our shores.

Unlike the Tesla, this Toyota isn't a sales champion. This is because it's a hydrogen fuel-cell car that's only sold in very limited numbers. Hydrogen fueling stations are few and far between, and most people just aren't on board with hydrogen vehicles. Meanwhile, electric car sales are accelerating.

The Fast Lane Car decided the Model Y and Mirai deserved an honest, unbiased, real-world comparison. In the usual fashion, each host chooses a car to share and promote, which results in a fun head-to-head battle. What's more, it's father versus son here.

In this episode, Roman is acting as the Tesla Model Y fan. His son Tommy is all about the Toyota Mirai. Roman loves the Model Y's speed, convenience, and power. He's willing to overlook Tesla's issues related to build quality and fit and finish. Meanwhile, Tommy doesn't care that the Mirai's not very peppy. He's just happy it refuels quickly, it has tons of range, it rides smoothly, and it's super comfortable.

Tommy knocks the Model Y's long "refueling" time, stiff suspension, panel gaps, and more. Roman can barely fit in the Mirai's front passenger seat. His knees are cramped and his head nearly hits the headliner. Roman also jokes that the Mirai is a car Tommy's grandparents could be driving. Meanwhile, Tommy says most people in the U.S. spend their time driving slowly and in a straight line. The Mirai is a solid commuter to appeal to the typical American.

We don't typically cover hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but there's a lot of truth in this video, plus it's very educational. Moreover, the presentation is entertaining and funny at times. There's way too much information to rehash in text here. You just have to take the time to watch the video to take it all in. Check it out and start a healthy battle in the comment section below.

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