We totally understand why Toyota changed the formula when it was designing this latest Mirai to replace the old one, which frankly looked a lot like the Prius. Toyota went ahead and made the new Mirai larger, classier looking, rear-wheel drive and a bit more powerful to match its new sporty look.

But has all of that effort put into the formula change paid off? Well, Doug finds plenty to like about the car, starting with its exterior and interior design, as well as the new sportier image it’s trying to convey. However, even though it’s quite a big car from the outside, taller passengers will have trouble fitting in the back seat, and don’t even think about convincing a third passenger to sit in the middle rear seat.

Out on the road, Doug thinks that the new Mirai, even though it’s more powerful than before, doesn’t really feel that quick or sporty to drive. He does note that handling, fun and overall driving feel are improved over the outgoing model, but at the same time that isn’t really saying much to its credit, and in his view, it doesn’t quite live up to the image that Toyota wants to portray.

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