In Europe, the LEAF e+ costs €5,600 or 14% more than the base LEAF (40 kWh)

Nissan didn't wait long to announce prices for the new LEAF e+ version of the LEAF for Japan (when it will go on sale in January) and for Europe (where orders are accepted now with deliveries scheduled from Summer 2019).

Let's start with Japan. The base Nissan LEAF e+ will start from ¥4,162,320 (around $38,370).

In the case of Europe, Nissan announced two Limited Edition versions for "old" and new version:

  • LEAF 3.ZERO (40 kWh) - from €39,900 (orders now, deliveries from May)
  • LEAF 3.ZERO e+ (62 kWh) - from €45,500 (orders now, deliveries from Summer)
** visit your local website for adjusted price in each country

Expected price in the U.S. - $35,000

As you can see on the example of Europe, the difference between the two battery/drivetrain options is €5,600 or 14%. It would mean that in the U.S. the price of 62 kWh LEAF e+ should be between $34,000-$35,000 (applying the same 14% increase to $29,990 MSRP). Maybe more depending on the difference in the value of standard equipment between the base 40 kWh version and 3.ZERO 40 kWh version.


The new LEAF 3.ZERO (40 kWh) will get, just like the new e+, improvement over current trims:

  • 8-inch infotainment screen enabling additional connectivity services such as door-to-door navigation
  • An all-new and improved NissanConnect EV app will also be available when the LEAF 3.ZERO hit the market
  • New body colors and two-tone color combinations will complete the choices

LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition

Only 5,000, well equipped 3.ZERO e+ Limited Editions are to be made before Nissan will begin regular sales of three trim levels we believe.

"The Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition will also be available to order from January 9 across European markets. This limited edition – of which only 5,000 units will be produced for Europe – will feature a higher output capable of delivering 160 kW (217 PS) and longer range capabilities with expected driving range of up to 385 km* from a single charge.

The LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition was announced in Japan and is present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this week. Both equally appealing ownership propositions, the current Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO and the LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition uphold the LEAF's status as the icon of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision.

At the centre of the LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition is an Intelligent Power-enhanced battery. It has 25% more density and a 55% increase in energy storage capacity. Through innovative design and clever engineering, the new higher-power battery contains 288 cells compared to the 192 found in the 40 kWh equivalent.

On the road, the LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition 62 kWH battery will deliver a 40% range increase over the LEAF 3.ZERO which is equipped with a 40 kWh battery. This represents more than an additional range of 100km for a comparable usage, a clear evolution of the LEAF.

The LEAF 3.ZERO models will feature both e-Pedal and ProPILOT. These critically acclaimed Intelligent Driving technologies are transforming the driving experience.

The e-Pedal is a new driving sensation for many, allowing the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. This delivers a seamless, smooth drive and maximum control to the driver through enhanced pedal feedback.

ProPILOT is an advanced driving assistance technology which works on single-lane highways. A 'hands-on, eyes-on' system, it allows the car to stop, restart and stay centred in its lane in higher-speed cruising and lower-speed congested traffic scenarios. The technology reduces driving stress and fatigue, enhancing driver confidence behind the wheel.

For exceptional customer confidence, the LEAF 3.ZERO and LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition batteries come with the same eight-year/160,000 km Nissan warranty enjoyed by all other versions of the LEAF."

"The LEAF 3.ZERO price starts at 39.900€, while the LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition will be available for sale from 45.500€**.

European customers wanting to order either model can register their interest online from the 9 January 2019 or visit one of Nissan's 2,000 retailers in Europe.

First deliveries of the LEAF 3.ZERO are expected to start from May 2019, while initial customer deliveries of the LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition will commence from summer 2019."

Gareth Dunsmore, director, electric vehicles and connected services, Nissan Europe, commented:

"The Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition broadens the appeal of the LEAF family even further, adding more range to an award-winning package that remains great to drive and live with.

"Since we launched the new Nissan LEAF last year, the customer response has been outstanding. In an EV market that is constantly growing, sustaining the LEAF's status as the most popular EV in Europe in 2018 is a testament to the strength of the product. We hope the LEAF 3.ZERO models will help continuing this extraordinary growth in 2019."

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