Electric trucks and SUVs seem to be the focus of the moment.

And that's perfectly fine by us.

Triggered by the big Rivian R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV reveals, it seems several automakers are now considering joining the growing electric truck and SUV movement. And it's not just startups like Atlis Motors with the XT truck.

Rather, now we're bringing big players into the discussion, including the likes of General Motors.

Duncan Aldred, vice president of the GMC brand, told CNBC that the automaker is actively looking it the possibility of an electric GMC Sierra, as well as battery-electric SUVs. This follows after news that Ford is working on an electric F-150.

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Duncan Aldred, vice president of the GMC brand, stated “Certainly, it’s something we’re considering," when asked by CNBC of the outlook for an electric Sierra. And it fits on the automaker's “path to an all-electric future” too.

CNBC reports:

A fully electric version of the GMC Sierra would likely be accompanied by a battery-electric version of the more mainstream, albeit higher-volume Chevrolet Silverado, said David Cole, director-emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The trucks share the same underlying platform, as well as conventional internal combustion powertrains. That would increase economies of scale and bring down the cost of developing and producing a battery drive system, several industry observers pointed out.

Yes, it's a no brainer to bring along the Chevy Silverado for the electric ride too if the Sierra goes down that path.


Electric SUVs Too?

Why not.

Cadillac will head this push with its recently announcement electric SUV, but again those economies of scale will likely lead both Chevy and GMC to follow suit.

Look for the mid-size and larger SUVs to go pure electric first, as the added battery costs can be more easily offset by higher sticker prices carried by these family-hauling vehicles,

CNBC adds:

For his part, GMC chief Aldred told CNBC that battery technology still carries a fairly hefty premium that makes it difficult to target mainstream segments, unless a carmaker like GM is willing to accept lower margins. As a result, the executive said, automakers would likely target higher end products.

Pickups, on the whole, carry some of the highest profit margins in the auto industry, particularly some of those sold through the GMC brand. But the entire industry has been pushing pickups up-market, adding on more options and luxury touches to drive up the price.

To us here at InsideEVs, it was always just a matter of time before domestic trucks and SUVs turned towards electric. Now, it looks like that shift is beginning to get underway.

Source: CNBC

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