Many companies have the utmost faith in Tesla, as reservations continue to come in for its electric semi.

Naysayers, shorters, and haters aside, it's obvious that many people have plenty of faith in Tesla. Far prior to its all-electric semi going into production or coming to fruition, many orders continue to come in.

It comes as no surprise that a company in Norway would get onboard with a Tesla Semi pre-order. As we've continued to share, Norway is a major hub for EVs in general.

Tesla has plans to begin production of its semi by the end of this year. However, those that follow the segment know that it may be another year or two before this actually happens. Moreover, it may be another year on top of that before the Silicon Valley automaker can come to terms with securing all the mounting deliveries.

Will the Tesla Semi even come to be? We have asked that question repeatedly. But, even if it was originally a figment of CEO Elon Musk's imagination, with all this increasing interest and all these continuing orders, Tesla would be silly to call it quits on the project. Not to mention the company has incredible, working concepts at large.

Let's add Travel Retail Norway to the growing list of interested candidates. It's a company that handles duty-free stores at Norway's five most substantial airports. The company's lead communication manager --  Haakon Dagestad -- said in a press release this week (via Electrek):

In many areas, we will help to make tax-free sustainable. That’s why we work with different solutions to transport goods from all over the world to Norway in the most environmentally friendly way. Tesla Semi is one of the measures.

Our warehouse is already electrified with a solar panel, so now the road from the warehouse to the shops will be electrified too. If we charged the trucks with renewable energy, it will have a very positive effect, both on climate and local pollution.

If all plays out as planned, Travel Retail Norway will be the first company to move items from other European countries to Norway via all-electric transport. Sadly, the company says it has no clue when it will get its Tesla Semi. Nonetheless, the order stands and it's on its way to emissions-free transport.

Source: Electrek

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