For EVs to overtake gas cars, they need to offer over 400 miles of range.

Some people would disagree with the above statement. This is because the average commute in the U.S. is less than a half hour. Many EV owners will tell you that they simply don't need a ton of range. Of course, this makes road trips difficult. However, for everyday driving, an EV with some 150 miles of range should suffice. Ben Sullins believes that while most people may not need long-range electric cars, range and convenience must reach or exceed parity with gas-powered cars if EVs are going to completely replace them.

As it stands right now, few EVs have significant range. Part of this is due to the fact that long-range electric cars are expensive. This is changing for the better, but it will take time before we have a wide selection of affordable long-range electric vehicles. Even the longest range electric cars available today only offer 300-some miles, and they're the most expensive EVs available today, manufactured by Tesla. Most typical long-range electric cars offer around 250 miles or so. This means that owners of battery-electric vehicles may be smart to keep an ICE vehicle around for long trips, especially in cold climates.

EV adoption will occur at a much more accelerated rate if people can't poke holes in the concept of EV ownership. If the positives continue to grow and the negatives go away, it's inevitable that more people will move to electric vehicles.

Ben compares range in a Tesla Model 3 to a Honda Civic. Watch the video for his detailed take. Then, share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 vs Honda Civic - Why 400+ Miles Makes Sense

Some say that a 150 mile EV is all we need and that a 400+ mile EV isn't necessary. I disagree. If we want EVs to replace fossil fuel based cars entirely, we need to achieve parity in terms of range and convenience. In this video, we look at what that would take using the Honda Civic and the Tesla Model 3.

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