Former Infiniti president Roland Krueger will officially head up Dyson's automotive division.

Dyson CEO Jim Rowan has substantiated news that his company hired Krueger for the new position. Krueger spent the last three years leading Nissan's luxury marque: Infiniti. However, he left recently to move on to new opportunities. So, perhaps this position with Dyson has been in the works for some time.

Rowan is excited to bring Krueger on board for the project, with plans to launch an electric vehicle in 2021. According to Autocar, Rowan revealed the information during a recent financial meeting. He referred to Krueger as a:

 ... very well respected and experienced executive within the industry, and his appointment proves how serious we are about taking this project and this division to the next level.

The CEO also explained that Dyson has plans to pump over $1 billion into its electric car efforts in 2019. He said that Dyson's supply chain experience and expertise will allow the company to make a profit producing EVs. Dyson will build its cars at a new factory in Singapore, and will relocate its primary office there as well. Aside from the fact that the company already has established business and 1,110 employees in Singapore, Rowan points out:

Singapore also offers access to high-growth markets as well as an extensive supply chain and a highly skilled workforce. Singapore has a comparatively high cost base, but also great technology expertise and focus. It is therefore the right place to make high-quality technology-loaded machines, and the right place to make our electric vehicle.

According to the company, we should expect Dyson electric vehicle prototypes to surface some time next year, with solid-state battery technology.

Source: Autocar

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