Nissan announced a further acceleration of its electrification strategy, which will result in a higher number of electrified (and all-electric) models sooner than previously anticipated.

The Japanese company announced the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan in November 2021, initially promising 23 new electrified models (including 15 battery-electric) by the fiscal year 2030, and that the share of electrified car sales will reach around 50 percent globally.

Now, Nissan says the numbers will be even higher "to meet diverse and growing customer needs."

19 new BEVs

By 2030, there will be 27 new electrified models, including 19 all-electric ones. This means four more BEVs compared to the previous plan. We assume that the eight non-BEV models will be Nissan's e-Power series hybrids (without recharging capability).

Also, the electrification mix across the Nissan and Infiniti brands is expected to increase to more than 55 percent (globally) by 2030, which means about 5 percentage points more.

Nissan's electrification will also progress faster in the next few years, as the company updated its near-term plan (by fiscal year 2026).

It says that in Europe, 98 percent of car sales will be electrified by 2026, compared to 75 percent previously. That's a pretty bold move, although we guess that the bulk of the sales will be hybrids (the e-Power type). To accelerate the xEV sales, Nissan will try to work with Renault on some projects:

"In Europe, Nissan will continue its robust electrification plans and will also explore stronger collaboration with the Alliance."

In Japan, electrified cars will account for 58 percent of Nissan's volume (up from 55 percent previously).

Interestingly, in China (where electrification is very fast), Nissan actually reduced its expected share of electrified car sales from 40 percent to 35 percent. It appears to us that the market situation is challenging for Nissan in China, and the company will also prepare special models for the market:

"To address rapid market changes in China, in 2024 Nissan plans to launch an EV designed specifically for the market."

Globally, the share of electrified Nissans (and Infinity) will be around 40 percent in fiscal year 2026.

There is no info about the United States related to 2026, but by 2030, around 40 percent of Nissan's cars sold in the US will be all-electric. Nissan says "EV only," so we assume that there will be no e-Power hybrids offered in the US, unlike in Japan, Europe and some other markets.

Updated Nissan Ambition 2030 in brief:

  • 27 electrified models by fiscal year 2030
    including 19 all-electric models by fiscal year 2030
  • global electrification mix (EV and e-Power) by fiscal year 2030: 55%
    US: 40% of sales to be all-electric
  • Electrification mix (EV and e-Power) by fiscal year 2026:
    Europe: 98% of sales (up from 75% previously)
    Japan: 58% of sales (up from 55% previously)
    China: 35% of sales (down from 40% previously)
    globally: 40% of sales
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