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Dyson Sues Ex-CEO For Leaking Electric Car Secrets

British company Dyson, known mostly for vacuum cleaners, has shown recent interest in electric cars, but it seems there’s someone else who knew about and leaked these ideas a bit earlier on. Now, Dyson is suing over this. We don’t know much about the Dyson EV project, but the secret…

6 hours ago by Mark Kane 18

Dyson To Acquire Sakti3 For $90 Million

Dyson, after investment of $15 million in Sakti3 earlier this year, and speculations about electric cars, confirmed its intention to acquire the Sakti3 solid state battery start-up for $90 million. James Dyson said that the next step will be a major battery factory. Sakti3/Dyson batteries at first will go into…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 45


Dyson To Enter Electric Car Segment Too?

Dyson, a British company involved in vacuum cleaners, fans and heaters, after the investment in Sakti3 battery start-up earlier this year, seeks to possibly enter the electric car segment. Max Conze, chief executive, was asked about following Tesla and Apple. He said: “We are ruling nothing out… Like our friends…

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Dyson Invests $15 Million In Sakti3

Vacuum cleaner inventor and billionaire Sir James Dyson invested $15 million in battery start-up Sakti3, a company that’s developing solid-state batteries with much higher energy density than batteries currently available today. Sakti3 is not only an investment opportunity, but maybe a source of new batteries for cordless devices produced by…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 24