Electric Nissan holds its own, stays in its lane in the slippery stuff.

How does the new Nissan LEAF handle the slippery streets of a snowy Canadian winter? Pretty well, apparently. At least, it certainly seems that way judging from the video above. In it, EV Revolution YouTube channel host Kenneth Bokor backs his all-electric baby out of the garage and onto the snow-covered roads of Ontario, Canada for a little traction testing.

With the outside temperatures a chilly -15 Celcius (5 Fahrenheit) and 5 to 7 centimeters (2 to 2.75 inches) of fresh fluffy snow on the ground, conditions are somewhat treacherous. Bokor has wisely equipped his car with snow tires -- a set of Michelin X-Ice Xi3 205/55r16, to be exact -- which anyone living in colder climes ought to do. They really make a huge difference.

The LEAF appears to pass its first tests easy enough. It zips through a roundabout with aplomb and accelerates pretty quickly from a dead stop. The traction control system fires up a light on the dash to let him know it's doing its job. Bokor reports that with a significant amount of throttle, there is no slippage. Even while accelerating in a turn he notes no sliding as the car keeps going where the steering wheel points.

Another interesting test was the e-Pedal stop. Basically, while on a snow-covered road traveling at 80 kph (50 miles per hour), Bokor lets off the accelerator. From there the strong regen of the e-Pedal system takes over and slows the car down, bringing it to a stop. Importantly, it does the job without locking up any of the tires and thereby maintaining control. Nice!

There lots more to check out, including a donut test, so what are you waiting for? Press play!

Video description:

Special Episode - Jan 28, 2018 - My first winter snowy drive in my Leaf! Here's my first time driving my Leaf on some country roads in a good amount of snow. I've been itching to see how my Leaf (and pretty well all BEVs) will handle the snow since this is my first time owning an EV. Come along on my ride thru the picturesque hills of Caledon and see! Thanks for Watching!

Source: YouTube

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