The tables have surely turned when it comes to these Tesla reviews.

When the Tesla Model 3 first came along, most owners and independent reviewers were already Model S owners. Moreover, essentially every mainstream publication that reviewed the more affordable electric sedan had already driven and reviewed Tesla's S and X. Fast forward to today and the situation is flipped. As the Model 3 makes its way to the masses, many new owners have never experienced the Model S. In addition, there are a plethora of reviews from new internet media that never took an interest in Tesla prior to the arrival of the Model 3.

While we have a pretty good idea of how most Model S and X owners feel about the Model  3, we are just starting to get more opinions from the other side. If your first-ever Tesla awakening was in a Model 3, what might you think of the Model S? You may or may not be surprised by this Model 3 owner's impressions after his maiden drive of the Model S 75D.

Of course, he thinks the Model S is "too busy." After driving the minimalistic Model 3, this makes perfect sense. He loves the S' large center touch screen, but it's harder to deal with while driving. The Model S offers better acceleration, but the Model 3 feels more sporty due to its small size and agility. However, the Model S' air suspension makes for a more supple ride and helps to some degree around the corners.

Despite this reviewer's issues with the Model S, he realizes it's the better car in many ways. It's larger, thus offering more cargo space. It's more luxurious and better for long road trips. The Model S exceeds the Model 3 in many ways ... it's Tesla's flagship and a much more expensive vehicle.

So, if price wasn't a consideration, would he choose the Model S over the 3? Watch the video to find out. Then, let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Video Description via Frugal Tesla Guy on YouTube:

Model 3 Driver's Model S Review

My review of a Tesla Model S 75D from the perspective of a Model 3 driver.


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Owner's Opinion Of Model S: Video


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Owner's Opinion Of Model S: Video

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