General Motors is putting Cadillac as its front runner in the EV race

Clearly, when GM decided to put Cadillac at the forefront of the EV race, it was a smart move. After all, this legendary brand is synonymous with the American dream and the luxury it brings to the table. And judging by the images revealed last week, their entry into the EV world is going to be a big one.

Featuring stylish looks and a rather imposing figure, Cadillac's first EV will utilize GM’s “BEV3” next-generation electric vehicle platform. The platform is designed to allow flexibility for use in many different vehicle types. In turn, this will allow the carmaker to utilize it in front, rear wheel drive and all-wheel-drive models. Furthermore, unlike some other carmakers that are developing a platform that will be able to utilize both ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and fully electric powertrains, the GM platform is designed from the ground up to accommodate electric vehicles only.

However, the electrification path that will be used by GM, where Cadillac will be their front runner in the electric vehicle race, is being heavily compared to Tesla. And somewhat surprisingly, Cadillac doesn't shy away from that fact at all. While Cadillac once ruled the world of comfy, luxurious cruisers that were adored by everyone from businessmen, mobsters, movie stars and presidents, right now, it's kinda behind everyone in the EV game. And taking notes from Tesla - if they produce a viable Tesla killer - is nothing to be ashamed of.

While some automotive execs would never admit something like that, we applaud the Cadillac president President Steve Carlisle for coming out with that publicly. This was revealed in an interview that Carlisle did for CNBC, where he said that they are doing it “obsessively”. Furthermore, Cadillac's president also added some interesting tidbits about the way he and others gauge Tesla's success, and why he isn't convinced on it just yet.

“I think they have done a lot to popularize electric vehicles and to get into the minds of consumers. I think that has been very valuable. They’ve pushed the envelope in terms of that process and that made everybody a little sharper and on their game. I think we have to wait a while to rate the whole story because we don’t know what happens when EVs really start to scale from a distribution and customer experience perspective and from a profitability perspective. I think we have to wait a little while before we rate the whole story.”

In true fairness, it's hard to bash on any manufacturer looking at Tesla when developing their own EV programs. After all, it's hard to argue against Tesla's success in various fields of electric vehicle production, ranging from batteries, electric motors to the autonomous driving software used. However, we can all (at least somewhat) disagree with the latter statement, as Tesla is clearly making strides in the automotive world and soon enough, will have to be valued as an equal to legacy car makers like GM. Overall, it's interesting to see various legacy carmakers, shedding away their old skin and joining in on the electric vehicle fun. After all, it is us, the consumers, that will benefit the most out of these battles.

You can watch the complete interview above.

Source: Electrek

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