Will Tesla's mammoth site in Northern California be operational soon?

Recent drone footage from YouTuber Troopr1023 shows more progress on the 870,000 square-foot  Tesla Lathrop facility, which is about 70 miles east of the Fremont factory. It appears that construction is progressing well, at least in terms of the building's exterior and grounds. As you can see, the area around the building is coming together nicely, with the recent addition of asphalt, loading bays, and a large white tent similar to the one in Fremont.

Teslarati explains that the "numerous truck-sized loading bays denote shipping activity." In addition, there are few parking spaces for employees. The publication also points out that job postings refer to the Lathrop site as a Parts Distribution Center.

Tesla is looking for a motivated and experienced Supervisor for our highly dynamic parts distribution center in Lathrop, CA. This position will provide supervision of day-to-day operations including receiving, stocking, shipping and all transactions related to said activities. The Supervisor, Parts & Service Warehouse, will also ensure efficiency and accuracy of stocking and organizing parts inventory.

The Lathrop facility is in addition to another 500,000 square-foot building that Tesla purchased from Chrysler. Interesting, Chrysler used that structure as a parts distribution center in the past.

We have no indication when the building will be operational, however, continuous progress is clear.

Video Description via Troopr1023 on YouTube:

Tesla Lathrop Distribution Center Update (Jan. 27, 2019): Asphalt for Parking Lots & Loading Bays

The outer shell of Tesla's distribution center in Lathrop is complete. Some raw materials and tools can still be seen on the roof, but the roof appears more or less complete at this point. Asphalt is being laid down for the parking lots and by the loading bays. It appears as if work is being done inside the building as well, but it was hard to see from the drone on the outside. Some of the glass has been installed by the office part of the building. There was no activity today (Sunday). There was no electromagnetic interference today as I experienced on another day. The video is shorter than normal because of a low controller battery. A white tent, similar to the tent in Fremont where the Model 3s are built, can be seen to the East of this location.

Tesla's old location at Louise remains empty. In the summer of 2018, thousands of Tesla vehicles were parked in the parking lot and dirt lot. Now, car carriers are still parked in the parking lot, and the dirt field looks like it is being leveled for construction. The smoke stack has been demolished.

Tesla's old location at Harlan looks to have new tenants. Many big rig trailers are now parked in the parking lot and on the back side of the building. I did not see any activity there today.

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