Since the Tesla Model 3 key fob isn't free, should you bother spending the money on it?

When people first heard that the Tesla Model 3 would use a key card instead of a traditional key and/or key fob, it was exciting. And, when it works, it really is pretty neat. You can also access the vehicle using your smartphone. Again, this is awesome, when it works as expected. Needless to say, while this futuristic tech is cool, it's finicky and has caused problems for many owners. So, Tesla has come up with a solution. The automaker now offers a traditional key fob.

The bad news is, we were under the impression that existing owners would get the key fob for free. In addition, we thought new owners would get the key fob along with the purchase of their Model 3. Sadly, neither is true. Instead, if you want a Model 3 key fob, you have to order one, and it will set you back $150. To make matters worse, the fob doesn't offer passive entry. This means you can't just approach the car for unlocking. Instead, you have to physically push the button on the device.

Our friend Ben Sullins has purchased the key fob and says he just can't recommend spending $150 for this device. Honestly, he doesn't even use it. He gave it to his son to play with on his Hot Wheels set. However, he does note that the reason the Model 3 key fob may not have passive entry could be related to the PIN to drive security feature. We hope that Tesla can update the fob to offer passive entry in the near future.

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Key Fob Review - Worth the Money?

I've been wanting a key fob for my Model 3 since I took delivery. Unfortunately, what I got wasn't much better than the basic key card option.


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