A Taycan that could challenge the Tesla Roadster?

This rendering showcases what could happen if Porsche turned a race car-focus to the brand's Tesla fighter, the Taycan.

This wouldn't be just any Tesla fighter. But rather, a contender with the upcoming Tesla Roadster hypercar.

The standard Porsche Taycan electric is no slouch, but it's not quite on par with the Tesla Model S P100D. So, in steps a renderer to take the Taycan to new heights. Meet the Taycan GT3.

TaycanEVForum.com just commissioned this rendered showing a possible Taycan GT3. And we must admit, it sure does look sporty and sleek. Since Porsche is sticking with conventional naming for its Taycan (yes, there's a Taycan Turbo), then GT3 would be a future possibility too.

Could the Taycan GT3 be a real thing? Would Porsche build a racecar-for-the-street version of its upcoming electric super-sedan?

What is the Taycan GT3?

The folks over at TaycanEVForum.com state:

Well, no. This isn't the Porsche Taycan GT3, but maybe it could be.

Porsche has given no indication that a GT3 model could ever exist, but it makes sense considering the brand's long-term commitment and heritage in motorsports. Plus, with news that Porsche is going to adapt it's current badging system to the Taycan, if there's going to be a Taycan Turbo (without a turbo of course) then there very well could be a Taycan GT3.

Drawing inspiration from the current 911 GT3, a Taycan GT3 would likely get active aerodynamics, including a massive race-inspired rear spoiler. Also look for center lock wheels and a wider stance with custom aero enhancements.

Inside we'd expect some stripped-down components and light-weight carbon fiber bucket seats.

What's under the hood?

Powering this electric race car for the street would be an up-rated version of the standard motor with north of 650-hp, allowing for a 0-60 time of well under 3 seconds. That would put it into Model S P100D territory. But the Tesla Roadster is more like a 2-second car, so the Taycan may still be out of its league there.

TaycanEVForum concludes:

Stats aside, the goal, as with all GT3 models, would be true driving enjoyment and an unparalleled connection to the road - helping set the Taycan apart further from its rivals.

Source: Taycan EV Forum

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