Full size electric excavators are coming faster than we might think

Pon Equipment from Norway, with support from Caterpillar, has developed an interesting conversion of a 28-ton Cat 323 Hydraulic Excavator to an all-electric Cat 323F Z-line.

This huge excavator received a massive 300 kWh battery, which weighs 3.4 tons and should last for 5-7 hours of work. For comparison, the C7.1 ACERT industrial diesel engine weight is around 1 ton.

Energy consumption must be 40 to 60 kWh per hour. The charging takes at least one hour for another hour of work using a common 43 kW three-phase industrial outlet in Europe.

The big advantage of the electric excavator is lack of emission and noise and hopefully also huge savings on fuel.

So far, eight of those were ordered by Veidekke in Norway, and one costs about $650,000.

Cat 323F Z-line specs:

  • 300 kWh battery
  • working time: 5-7 hours
  • 122 kW electric motor
  • charging at up to 43 kW (on-board three-phase charger, 63 A)

Source: tek.no via Teslarati

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