The 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf recently was listed on the EPA site and surprisingly it received lower range and efficiency ratings than in the previous few years, despite us not hearing about any battery/motor changes.

The previous rating was:

  • range: 125 miles (201 km)
  • combined: 283 Wh/mile
  • city: 267 Wh/mile
  • highway: 304 Wh/mile

The new 2020 rating is:

  • range: 123 miles (198 km) (down 1.6%)
  • combined: 298 Wh/mile (up 5.3%)
  • city: 276 Wh/mile (up 3.4%)
  • highway: 324 Wh/mile (up 6.6%)

* efficiency includes charging losses

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf EPA rating



The question is what happened to the e-Golf that efficiency decreased a little bit? A VW spokesman told CarsDirect that nothing has changed and suggested that maybe EPA changed calculations, but there is no info about that either (other models 2020/2019 seem to be rated the same).

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