Russia got the fame of having incredibly wild traffic due to dashcams. They showed – and still do – unbelievable traffic violations, road rage episodes that ended on gunpoint, and so forth. TeslaCam is revealing that traffic is wild most anywhere. It is just a matter of having a “Big Brother” telling us all that happens. Check Melinda VerMeer’s video above, for example. She filmed a crazy accident in the US last October 8, both with TeslaCam and a common dashcam. Did you ever think Washingtonians made their cars fly? This one did.

Gallery: TeslaCam And Dashcam Show Why Cutting Off May Result In Instant Karma

The video starts with this driver crossing the bridge over the Columbia River. More precisely on the Interstate 5, Exit 1-A, close to the Portland and Washington limits. The footage shows what seems to be a Honda sedan, but we could not say what model it is. Its turn signal points to the right, but it is not willing to wait behind an SUV to get there. The other vehicle seems to be from Mercedes-Benz.

The Honda crosses the gore area in front of it and almost immediately seems to be out of control. You can see when the Mercedes-Benz driver hits the brakes. Probably unaware that the Honda would pretend to be a hill climber and end up flying from the embankment.

You will probably have to watch more than once to perceive what happened. The TeslaCam footage appears only at the left top of the frame in a few moments of the whole video. Our gallery shows you what to pay attention to. Let's see if you find our little Easter Egg there...

TeslaCam And Dashcam Show Why Cutting Off May Result In Instant Karma

Was the sedan so fast it did not decelerate in that slope? Did it have an acceleration problem that made it lose control of the car and go straight ahead on the embankment instead of on the road?

TeslaCam And Dashcam Show Why Cutting Off May Result In Instant Karma

We know the Honda driver accelerated to cut off the SUV, but he did not seem to be that fast. Besides, the video shows it apparently did not manage to slow down after overtaking what we suppose to be a Mercedes-Benz. Was it the same problem a Honda Crosstour presented in Canada?

Curiously, the TeslaCam does not show the accident. The equipment that manages to give us more details on what happened is the good old dashcam. Probably because the camera on the Tesla has a function other than just filming. 

TeslaCam And Dashcam Show Why Cutting Off May Result In Instant Karma

It is one of the Autopilot’s "eyes." Its goal is to monitor traffic right ahead of the car, not from the driver's perspective, as the dashcam in this video was placed to show.

If you know more about this accident, please share the info with us.

Video Description Via Melinda VerMeer On YouTube:

reckless driver cuts another driver off, then ends up losing control and up an embankment

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