Watch as this Honda Crosstour driver attempts to parallel park between two Teslas. The Crosstour wildly accelerates and then flips onto its roof after jumping the curb and rolling.

We've seen our fair share of unintended acceleration (typically driver error) cases when it comes to Teslas. However, this one might involve two Teslas, but it's actually the Honda Crosstour that accelerates out of control this time around.

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As Tesla In Canada explains:

"In an unlikely sequence of events Tuesday in Vancouver, a vehicle attempting to parallel park between two Tesla Model 3’s ended up on its roof, injuring two pedestrians standing nearby."

"The strange occurrence was caught on the Sentry Mode video from the Tesla Model 3 in the front. Footage from the rear cam shows a blue Model 3 parked two spots behind, while a black Honda Accord pulls up. It then switches into reverse, and attempts to parallel park."

It's at this point in the video when we assume the driver of the Honda accidentally applied the accelerator, rather than tapping the brakes. Instead of releasing the accelerator pedal, the driver pressed it down even further.

This is when the Crosstour jumps the curb and hits a barrier. This caused the car to roll and end up on its roof.

As you'll see in the video, nearby pedestrians attempt to flee from the runaway car, but in the process, some appear to trip and fall. Injuries were reported, including for two pedestrians and both occupants inside the Honda. However, none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening.

Video description via Daily Hive News on YouTube:

A crash in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday morning shut down traffic on Helmcken Street, and sent multiple people to the hospital, according to Vancouver Police.

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