It seems Tesla vehicles are becoming a popular target for vandalism, and more specifically, "keying." One would think criminals would be aware of the cars' built-in cameras and security features like TeslaCam and Sentry Mode.

Perhaps many cars are being keyed on a regular basis and we're just not aware of it since Tesla is the only automaker to provide such technology?

At any rate, just the other day, a Broomfield, Colorado man's Tesla Model 3 was keyed in a school parking lot. The owner posted a video showing the woman responsible for the keying and asked for help identifying her. Thankfully, the news picked it up and she has now been identified. Since the suspect hasn't yet been charged, the police have not released further details.

Model 3 owner Alan Tweedie shared:

“You can feel down to bare metal and you can see it’s scratched all the way completely through the paint."

He says he discovered the damage after he arrived home, so he checked the footage recorded by the Tesla's cameras:

“Then I found one where a woman distinctly came around with a key in her hand, dug it right in the side, walked it all the way up. Very angry, very purposeful, definitely trying to conceal it.”

“It really speaks to the level of anger for a crime like this that so many people are willing to spread it and share the word and try to help us find it because nobody likes this. This is my car but it could be yours next.”

“Turn yourself in, do the right thing. Be a better person than you were yesterday when you were gouging the side of my car.”

Once again, without video, this suspect would never have been identified.

Video Description via CBS Denver on YouTube:

Surveillance Video Shows Woman Keying Tesla In Broomfield

A father, who parked his Tesla in a school parking lot in Broomfield, came back to find it vandalized Saturday morning. Read the full story at

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