One of the main characters in recent Rich Rebuilds videos is Chad. He is the guy Rich Benoit hired for The Electrified Garage and he knows everything about Tesla vehicles. More than that, he knows how to fix them. In the video above, Chad and Benoit walk us through what seems to be the most common issues a Tesla Model X can have.

For the ones that like to do things on their own, this video is a lesson on how to deal with the Model X. We see all the pieces that have to be removed, how to remove them carefully, and how to put everything together again.

What amazes us is the number of small problems that a Model X can have. The video talks about a front end vibration, for example. And it reveals it happens due to airflow in the A-pillar. Chad uses a packaging foam to fill it and avoid the annoying noise from happening again.

Tesla Model X

Besides this problem, Chad also shows us all the adjustments the Model X has to go through to be in perfect shape. He has to align door panels, glasses, and a lot of other parts of the car to make it look perfectly finished.

One of the most time consuming seems to be the quarter-glass. You have to take the door panel off to reach the screws that allow you to regulate that part in the right angle. If it is not properly adjusted, you get unwanted wind noises.

Tesla Model X

Chad addresses that and many other issues the Model X presents in this video. For what Benoit says, we can expect some more in the same fashion coming out soon, such as one of the Model S and another one of the Model 3

Video Description Via Rich Rebuilds On YouTube:

I take a trip to The Electrified Garage to see all of the issue that can occur with your Tesla Model X, including the infamous front end vibration issue.

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