Is there a measurement for shame? What would you call it if it existed? A shamemometer? If we had one, it would explode for this biker in Portland. Probably an evangelist that thinks everyone should be on bicycles, he decided to show all his rage and courage against a mother with two small kids apparently in a Toyota RAV4. All captured by TeslaCam.

Gallery: No, Biker, You Do Not Have The Right To Pass Whenever You Want

The action in the video happens on the crossing between Southeast 12th Avenue and Southeast Ankeny Street. The avenue has a lot of traffic. There are too many cars already on the following block, especially in the left lane. 

People then stop to allow the cars that are coming from the Southeast Ankeny Street to keep going. “Never block an intersection” is a golden rule.

The problem is that this biker believes he can just cross the avenue without stopping or even yielding. The lady he later yells at is on the right lane. Traffic is coming from the left, so she has a bad view of it, even being in a high-seating vehicle. She goes ahead when he is passing, but she stops when she sees him.

No, Biker, You Do Not Have The Right To Pass Whenever You Want

When you think there is nothing left to see and the cars have merged into East Burnside Street, the biker blows the red light and comes towards the filming Tesla and the RAV4 right behind it yelling obscenities. He is also probably trying to work out both his middle fingers by repeatedly raising them.

No, Biker, You Do Not Have The Right To Pass Whenever You Want

As the video description from the Garron Crash Haun explains, he is utterly wrong. He is the one that has disrespected traffic signs – at least twice, in the video. He is the one that believes he is entitled to God knows what even being wrong. Would he do the same if the car was driven by a guy as big as the one that made "Panic" guy recently fly from a Tesla Model 3? How ridiculous can that be?

No, Biker, You Do Not Have The Right To Pass Whenever You Want

We are sorry for the lady and the kids in the car. They have witnessed human madness in a rather pathetic and dangerous example. If you love bikes, don’t be this guy. Even if you hate cars, don’t be like him. You make no point in rushing in the middle of the street yelling with your middle fingers raised – except that you should seek psychiatric help.

Video Description Via Garron Crash Haun On YouTube:

Please note, the lady in the vehicle did stop for the biker and was a few feet away from him. That being said, the biker did not yield at the stop sign and went right out into moving traffic. This was his "road rage" at a lady with two young kids in the car. 

In Oregon, Bikers are allowed to treat stop signs as yield under certain conditions however he did not enter the intersection in a safe way, yield to traffic, and failed to exercise care to avoid an accident. You can see this while he crosses and when he runs out into traffic on foot.

Oregon Law:

No one was hurt. 

Happened in Portland.

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