You’ll probably find this video boring initially, as it seems like it's just going to show cars stuck in traffic. But that will be just for a few seconds.

All of a sudden, a brand-new Hyundai Elantra will hit the right rear fender of the Kia Soul that is right in front of the Tesla that filmed the whole thing. That will make you wonder why for minutes. Perhaps even hours.

With The Help Of TeslaCam, See What Distraction Can Cause In Traffic

If you watch the video with full attention, you’ll see the Elantra passes on the right of the Soul twice before crashing with it. The video starts with both cars side by side, each of them in its respective lane.

The only explanation we find for that is a distraction. Perhaps due to children fighting in the back seat of the Hyundai. A phone call. Texting at the wheel. Dropping coffee. Only the Hyundai Elantra driver or nearby witnesses will be able to tell us the reason.

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It is interesting to think that, if the Elantra was a Tesla with its Autopilot activated, this accident would probably not have happened. Despite being in beta testing, Autopilot has already avoided tons of crashes simply by stepping up when the driver could not respond as expected. Due to distraction or medical issues, mostly.

The TeslaCam footage shows how fast things can go sour. Especially if a driver gets bored to be on traffic and not really focused on getting out in the best way possible. Luckily, the Elantra driver pulled over to talk to the Kia Soul driver and settle things.

With The Help Of TeslaCam, See What Distraction Can Cause In Traffic

It is not rare to have TeslaCam videos presenting drivers fleeing to avoid any consequences. That was the case with the biker that busted a Tesla Model 3 rear mirror recently. After all, it happens. Just remember that your full attention when driving may save you from all this hassle. Or Autopilot, if you have a Tesla.

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This was an accident caught on October 3rd, 2019 on I-80 East headed into Davis, CA.

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