As the fast charging infrastructure progresses towards 150-350 kW power levels (for passenger cars and beyond in case of bigger vehicles), also plug/connector suppliers try to keep pace with change.

Here we see one of the ITT Cannon DC fast charging plugs, presented at the eMove360° fairs in Munich, Germany.

The company says that its ultra-fast liquid-cooled High Power Charging (HPC) solution is ready to deliver current of 500 A at a voltage of 1,000 V, which would be 500 kW! The HPC is available in both, CCS1 and CCS2 variants for North American and European markets.

"ITT Cannon has been a proven and trusted innovator in electric vehicle charging solutions for nearly a decade, setting new benchmarks in power, global reach and usability. ITT Cannon’s liquid-cooled DC High Power Charging solution enables charging up to 500A at 1000V to deliver a 60-mile charge in as little as three to five minutes."

It seems that the infrastructure solutions are now clearly ahead of passenger cars, as even the Porsche Taycan is not yet able to fully utilize 350 kW charging power.

It's interesting that recently we read about a demonstration 400 kW charger in Spain.

The power level on the plug/connector side might be very high as manufacturers are using a dielectric cooling liquid. Electric car manufacturers have a more difficult problem to solve because even with cooling, high energy-dense lithium-ion batteries in long-range models need to be able to accept such high power, which often is not possible or is limited from a durability perspective.

Standard, uncooled CCS connector from ITT Cannon can go up to 150 kW and that seems to be most reasonable for the majority of EVs available now on the market.

ITT Cannon offer:

  • CCS 1 DC Fast Charging Solution – Designed to SAE J1772 standards, this new connector and un-cooled cable provides up to 150A continuous charging and power up to 150kW.
  • Liquid Cooled DC HPC Solution – The groundbreaking design concept utilizes a dielectric cooling liquid that runs from the cable throughout the connector's contact system resulting in outstanding heat dissipation performance. Available in CCS 1 and CCS 2 variants, ITT Cannon's HPC solution is the first to receive both VDE and Intertek confirmation of continuous charging capability at 500A – at an ambient temperature of 50°C.
  • Customizable AC Charging Solutions – In accordance with all key global standards – IEC, SAE and GB/T– ITT Cannon offers a comprehensive line of AC connectors, plugs, inlets and outlets that are fully customizable. With the widest amperage range in the industry, ITT Cannon can deliver customized handle colors, inlays and logos in addition to customized cables and end terminals.


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