Not long after we posted the latest Tesla pickup truck rendering, Jalopnik picked up on it. They called us out rather humorously since the particular rendering sort of looks like a video game glitching. Interestingly, however, some people seemed to like it, including our friend Alex Guberman of E for Electric. To each his/her own, right?

Guberman actually uses the rendering to begin his recent discussion about the Tesla truck, what it might look like, and his concerns about timing related to the electric truck's upcoming reveal.

Like us, Guberman has pored over the truck teaser shared by Elon Musk and looked at countless Tesla pickup truck renderings in an attempt to try to figure out what it might look like. The truth here is, no one knows. This is why we continue to share a multitude of renderings — some fantastic, some not so great, all depending on who you talk to really.

At any rate, people want Tesla to reveal this thing ASAP. Once it gets unveiled, we won't have to plague you with any more renderings! However, it will be years before the Tesla pickup comes to market, so why the hurry?

Tesla has lots on its plate and it continues to add more. Some people argue it has bitten off way more than it can chew. Due to the company's struggle with timelines, as well as its financial situation, this could be true.

Tesla plans to reveal the truck in November. A time when there are a plethora of interesting things happening in the auto industry, including other reveals, major auto shows, etc. Not to mention that this quarter is key for Tesla. If you ask Wall Street, the company's focus needs to be on delivering a record number of vehicles to end the year proving that it's capable of meeting sales guidance.

With all of this being said, should Tesla just hold off on the reveal? It may mean months and months of plenty of renderings to share, but could it help the automaker focus on what's really important?

We'd love to know your opinion in the comment section below.

Video Description via E for Electric on YouTube:

Is Revealing the Tesla Pickup Truck Now a Mistake?

Tesla pickup truck is still scheduled to be unveiled in November per Elon Musk's tweet but could this be a mistake in the long run? Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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