We now have a real collection of vandalism cases involving Tesla vehicles. Proudly presented either by Sentry Mode or TeslaCam, most of them involving keying, but the variety of situations is incredible. The video above shows many we have covered. It gives us the good news that the police have solved most of them. But have they really? Let’s check.

Gallery: Check The Tesla Vandalism Cases That Have Been Already Solved

The first one was widely covered by the press, and it resulted in the arrest of Maria Elena Gimeno, who is currently arrested at the Broomfield Detention Center. Sadly, we still don’t know why she did that.

Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Sentry Mode

The second is the glass-breaking butt case, which had lots of attention from our readers. Some now ask us for a way to unsee the images that led to Kamron Johnese’s arrest. He is the butt owner. His partner, Kevon Rabb, was also taken into custody.

TeslaCam Footage helps Arrest Hit-And-Run Suspect

The third footage was already published with the good news that the bad guy was behind bars. It was a hit-and-run case. This Tesla Model X was on Blossom Hill Road in San Jose, California, on the 4th of July when a Ford F-150 suddenly hit it. One less bad driver on the streets.


The fourth case dates from April, and the perpetrator got caught soon after that. We just lack a whole lot of information on this, even if it has already been solved. If you happen to know more about it, share the news with us in the comments.

Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

And then comes the first case we are not sure that has led to an arrest. It is also one of the most revolting situations we have reported. A grown-up man apparently with a can of beer in his hands starts keying obscenities in the Tesla and in the car in front of it.

The video above shows a YouTube comment that states the man was identified thanks to the power of social media. It also says things happened in Orpington, Kent, and that is correct. The car owner – identified only as Jez013 in this TeslaMotorClub forum thread – reports the problem there. Unfortunately, the thread does not show any solution for it.

Tesla Sentry Mode Reveals Another Sad Keying Episode

It just says he managed to identify the perpetrator. If you know Jez013, or can talk to him on the forums, ask him to get in touch with us. We’d love to tell our readers what happened with this keyer, especially if he paid for the damages.

tesla sentry mode car keying

The sixth keying situation shows two guys keying cars in Sacramento, California. After the video went viral, they have turned themselves to the police, and we had no other update on the charges they are facing or if they are in jail for the crime.

The last case is probably the only one we have not covered. It is also not about keying, but about using a shopping cart to hit the Tesla in question. Grant De Leeuwd, apparently the owner of the car, says the police arrested the guy only six hours after he did that. We would also like to confirm that.

This Tesla Faced Keying And Breaking-In Attempt On The Same Day

Despite being a very satisfying video, there are plenty of Sentry Mode cases still waiting to be solved. Or that were addressed, and we are still not aware of that. Such as this grandpa keying car in Cascais, Portugal. Or this lady that did the same thing to Michael McEown’s Tesla Model 3. Help the Kiwi EV adventures YouTube channel make an extended version of its video. We would also be grateful to give these articles a happy ending.

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