Apparently, Tesla Sentry Mode can lead to a vandal's arrest.

While it's a bit difficult to tell in the video above, this woman reportedly keyed a Tesla Model 3, albeit very discreetly. As you can see from the Sentry Mode video, she's letting her son into their car, with her back to the Model 3.

At first glance, you may think she accidentally scratched the Model 3 by bumping into it with her key in hand. However, once you see the $900 worth of damage, it becomes more clear that she intentionally scratched the car repeatedly, and in several places.

Whether you believe this was a purposeful act, the authorities have investigated the Sentry Mode video and situation. It led them to conclude that the act was intentional, and they moved forward in arresting the vandal.

It's important for us to note that TesLatino calls the vandal a hater, but we have no way of knowing what her motivation was. At the time of this writing, the authorities have not reported any motive. As far as we know, the vandal hasn't admitted to having any issue with Tesla or its cars. If and when more details become available, we'll keep you informed.

tesla model 3 scratch screenshot 2
tesla model 3 scratch screenshot

Video Description via TesLatino on YouTube:

Tesla’s Sentry Mode records a hater harming a Model 3. On purpose!

Watch this short video to see why it is so important that you put sentry mode to record if you have it.

This video has been used as evidence to bring someone to justice, thanks to the Sentry Mode added to the Tesla fleet cars that can support it.


This is my friend’s Model 3 and he sent me the footage and allowed me to post it here. I asked him all the questions related to the incident.

The main purpose for me posting this is to bring awareness to the use of Tesla’s Sentry Mode.

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