The upcoming Polestar 2 (scheduled for market launch in mid-2020) will be a true driver's car. The company is currently refining the driving experience and is in the final stages of chassis development, before production start early next year.

According to Polestar, the high power (300 kW and 660 Nm) and all-wheel-drive is just the foundation as the main focus is to provide exceptional driving dynamics in any condition.

"As an electric performance brand, Polestar is focused on creating a unique driving sensation that sets Polestar cars apart and offers drivers a fun and engaging experience."

The full potential of the Polestar 2 will be unleashed with optional Performance Pack, which includes:

  • Brembo brakes
  • adjustable Öhlins dampers
  • 20” forged alloy wheels
  • gold seatbelts and valve caps

at a price of:

Pricing1 for the performance pack in Polestar’s European launch markets is as follows, including VAT:

Market Performance Pack
Norway NOK 50,000
Sweden SEK 60,000
Germany EUR 6,000
United Kingdom GBP 5,000
The Netherlands EUR 6,000
Belgium EUR 6,000

Here is how Joakim Rydholm, Polestar’s lead chassis engineer and chief test driver, describes the P2:

“We wanted to create a car that people will really enjoy driving. As with Polestar 1, we spend time in many different environments around the world with Polestar 2, fine-tuning and testing lots of different chassis attributes – to find what we call ‘the golden ride’. This is the moment when we as chassis engineers find the ultimate configuration, a perfect balance between dampers, brakes, tyres, steering and power delivery that gives us goose bumps.”

Polestar 2 (2019)

Testing and development take place in various places around the world, including:

  • the Hällered Proving Grounds in Sweden
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden

“Each of our testing environments allows us to refine specific elements of the car and in different ways,” continues Joakim Rydholm. “The car should feel alive when negotiating a South African mountain pass, calm and confident when cruising at speed on a German autobahn. Cool in Death Valley, cosy in the Arctic and relaxed on a wet country lane in England. As we hone each element along the way, to create that magical Polestar feeling, it gets very exciting. And we don’t stop until we are totally satisfied.”

Polestar 2 (2019)
"Joakim Rydholm is also responsible for the chassis of Polestar 1 and there are many similarities between the two cars. He elaborates: “These are Polestar cars and they should embody our electric performance philosophy. We develop our own unique driving characteristics and you can really feel the way the two cars are related.

“Our cars should feel alive and communicative but balanced and predictable. Suspension tuning is one of the most crucial elements in delivering this sophisticated ride. With our Performance Pack set-up in Polestar 2, we don’t have overcomplicated electronic suspension systems. Instead, we make the smallest adjustments to the Öhlins Dual Flow Valve dampers to find the sweet spot. This really sets the car apart from other electric vehicles,” concludes Joakim Rydholm."

Gallery: Polestar 2 (2019)

Polestar 2 specs:

  • 78 kWh battery (324 pouch cells, 27 modules, liquid-cooled)
  • target 500 km (311 miles) of WLTP range
  • expected 275 miles (442 km) of EPA range
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.7 seconds
  • dual motor all-wheel drive
  • system output: 300 kW (408 hp) and 660 Nm of torque (one 150 kW and 330 Nm electric motor per axle)
  • 150 kW fast charging capability
  • based on Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform

* in China battery capacity will be 72 kWh

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