What do you do when you get lost in traffic and remember you should go in the opposite direction? Do you keep going and make an alternative way a little further? Do you ask for Waze’s help? Whatever you do, don’t follow this white Toyota Corolla driver, who certainly belongs in the “how did this person even get a driver’s license” category. If it was not for powerful brakes on Tom T. Walker’s Tesla Model 3, this driver could now be seriously injured.

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Pay attention to the right lane on the video above. After around ten seconds, you see the Ford pickup truck brake all of a sudden. It is at that point you notice the white Corolla, on the right lane, with the left turn signal activated. When you rewind the video, you'll see the turn signal is on almost since the beginning of the video.

To be precise, it goes on at around 3 seconds, and the Corolla almost hits a black car that does not stop, so the Toyota does. When the black car passes, the Corolla enter right in front of the Ford pickup truck, which is obliged to brake. Then it just enters in front of Walker’s Tesla, who has to brake very hard not to crash.

You can learn more about what happened in the description below. It is a pity the video has no sound. We are sure we would hear Walker honking for the Corolla to stop blocking the way. It we didn't, that would be because he was in shock. What do you think the Corolla driver was thinking? Did he or she think? The police can ask. Officers, you have the footage and a clear view of the license plate. Be our guests. 

Video Description Via Tom T Walker On YouTube:

Doing 45 miles per hour had to slam on my breaks when this guy comes into my lane (from 2 lanes to my right -- look ahead of the truck on the right). For some reason the TeslaCam video makes it look like a mild slowdown, but in reality I slammed on my brakes and thought for sure I was going to hit him. After abruptly cutting me off this New York driver stayed stopped at the green light trying to get into right hand turn lane.

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