GoCar Tours in San Francisco just received delivery of the first out of 40 planned Arcimoto FUV (Fun Utility Vehicles) that recently entered series production.

GoCar will be available for GPS-Guided tours, which sounds like a perfect application for FUV:

"With GoCar’s patented GoCar Network technology, users can explore the City by the Bay on their own schedule and at their own pace. The GoCar’s mobile tour guide, the world’s first GPS-guided tour, will give directions, crack jokes, recommend restaurants, and tell the legendary stories that bring San Francisco to life."

As it turns out, GoCar Tours was thinking about electric vehicles since its inception in 2004, but there were none on the market (actually there were no lithium-ion battery vehicles to purchase just yet).

Nathan Withrington, founder of GoCar Tours, said:

“When we founded GoCar Tours in 2004, we knew even then we wanted a pure-electric fleet, but the vehicles on the market didn’t yet support our vision. Today, Arcimoto has made our dream a reality.”

Mark Frohnmayer, Founder and President of Arcimoto said:

“We’re thrilled to deliver GoCar’s first FUV, and help them take the next step in the mission to electrify tourism. San Francisco is both the technology capital of the world and one of the country’s premiere tourist destinations, with more than 25 million tourist visits annually. Having FUVs available for both locals and visitors to experience will both be a great way to get potential customers in the driver’s seat, as well as elevate global awareness of the brand.”

Gallery: Arcimoto FUV in GoCar fleet in San Francisco

Retails customer deliveries

Retail customer delivers are also progressing. Arcimoto has shared another video with home delivery of FUV in Oregon:

"Stacy Rathbun finally has her 'Bumblebee' FUV from Arcimoto. But for her it means even more than the fun it provides...her FUV is part of how she can make a difference.

Expansion to Florida

Arcimoto is expanding also in the East Coast with the first FUV rental franchise announced in the Florida Keys.

Soon Key West-based franchisee R-KEY-MOTO, LLC will open Arcimoto’s flagship rental outlet with 21 FUVs available.

"Located at the Stock Island Marina Village, the new FUV Hub location will house 21 FUVs to be used as rental vehicles for tourists and cruise ship passengers to explore Key West, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In addition, the FUV Hub will share vehicles with the A&B Marina Complex and the Perry Hotel Key West. Guests will be able to rent FUVs directly from the concierge and explore Stock Island and Key West."

"The Florida Keys will be the first Arcimoto rental franchise, and the fourth FUV rental location, with partnerships previously announced with Hula Multimodal in San Diego and Encinitas, Calif., as well as with GoCar Tours in San Francisco. In the Arcimoto franchise model, rental franchises will utilize Arcimoto branding and technologies, including the Arcimoto mobile app, to create a one-of-a-kind tourism experience and unforgettable joyride."

Michael Raymond, principal of R-KEY-MOTO said:

“We are absolutely honored to open the first Arcimoto rental franchise in the Florida Keys, and we hope to set the standard of what an FUV rental experience can be. As a zero-emission, stable-platform vehicle with protection from the weather, the FUV is a superior fit for the Keys and perfectly encapsulates the Key West motto: Close to perfect, far from normal.”

Arcimoto founder and president Mark Frohnmayer said:

“We think Key West will be an amazing home for our first rental franchise and pilot of our rental franchise model. We are very excited to partner with the R-KEY-MOTO team, combining their local market expertise and resources with Arcimoto’s ultra-efficient and very fun vehicles.”

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