While many of you may not understand the dialogue in this video (it's in Italian), it's still well worth watching. YouTuber Matteo Valenza covers the emerging electric car scene in Italy. 

As you'll see in the video, there are multiple Tesla Model 3 and Model S vehicles featured in a number of races. However, the highlight is the Tesla Model 3 Performance taking on the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

The Model 3 Performance boasts a 3.2-second zero-to-60-mph time, though many people have achieved better. It starts at $54,990.

When it was new, the Ferrari F12berlinetta carried a base price of about $400,000. It's powered by a V12 engine that cranks out 731 horsepower and 508 pound-feet of torque. According to the automaker, it can sprint to 100 km/h (~62 mph) in just 3.1 seconds.

We've included a translated version of the video description below to help you out. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description via Matteo Valenza on YouTube (translated):

Mamma Mia! but how much do these Tesla electric cars do? even more than a ferrari and the more they run, the stronger they go: D! in this race you will see tesla model 3 performance and tesla model s p100d dealing with a forlì airport runway and a f12 berlinetta ferrari. Will electric mobility be the future also in sport?

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Time on the 200m (Best Race Time):

1- TESLA P100D Gray: 0:06, 38 (WINNER!)

2- TESLA Model 3 Performance BLUE: 0:06, 77 (Matteo)

3- TESLA P100D Black: 0:06, 86

4- FERRARI F12: 0:07, 21

5- TESLA P90D Red: 0:07, 35

Time on the 400m (Best Race Time):

1- TESLA Model 3 Performance BLUE: 0:10, 58 (WINNER!) (Arisa)

2- TESLA P100D Gray: 0:10, 91

3- FERRARI F12: 0:10, 97

4- TESLA P100D Black: 0:11, 12

5- TESLA Model 3 Standard Range +: 0:12, 67

6- TESLA Model 3 Performance BLU (Chill Mode): 0:14, 77

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