Which websites offer the best Tesla parts and accessories? Here we take a look at some of the top places to research, find and buy aftermarket Tesla gear.

There's no shortage of aftermarket parts and accessories for all three of Tesla currently available vehicles — Model 3, Model S and Model X. However, a few of the aftermarket Tesla specialists stand out and, as such, we're recommending them here.

Below we've listed our top online sites for Tesla accessories. The site name links to the homepage (or Tesla-related page) of each site. 

Project Malibu Tesla Model S P100D By TSportline


TSportline does it all. From simple modifications to over-the-top full-on kits that transform Teslas, TSportline can make your vision a reality.

More about TSportline below:

It takes a certain courage to believe that one can improve upon a product as revolutionary as a Tesla. For T Sportline, the confidence that we could improve upon Tesla's Model S was the result of over thirty years of experience in luxury and high-performance tuning on marquees including German, Italian, and Japanese luxury & exotic vehicles. The Model S was a perfect canvas with which to create a moving masterpiece.  

As Tesla's product portfolio has expanded, T Sportline has kept pace by launching bespoke customization programs for the Model S, Model X and Model 3. We provide Tesla owners a means to personalize and augment their vehicles with modifications that not only enhance the look of their cars but also provide tangible performance gains.
T Sportline's critically-acclaimed products include carbon fiber aerodynamics, precision forged and flow-formed wheels, suspension upgrades, and interior accessories. We offer complete bespoke interior redesigns that rival the interiors of exotic supercars and hypercars, thanks to our team of leather workers and craftsmen based in Los Angeles.



Evannex is one of the first Tesla accessories sites to go live and even still today it's considered among the best out there.

More on Evannex below:

That feeling you get upon taking delivery of your Tesla is magical. The first time you interact with the tech, torque, and gorgeous design you’re smitten. Yes, you love this car. But how can you protect it? Improve performance? Add storage? Accentuate the good looks?

It's time to make the perfect car, perfect for you.

At EVANNEX®, we specialize exclusively in Tesla accessories. Our family business is the oldest, most trusted company in the Tesla ecosystem.

unplugged model 3

Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance specializes in performance and appearance upgrades for Teslas. If performance is what you're seeking, Unplugged Performance should be on your shortlist.

More on Unplugged Performance below:

Unplugged Performance is the world leader in premium performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles. With our USA-made line of stylish and high performance parts, our sole focus is on holistic development and improvement of all Tesla cars.

Unplugged Performance was founded and incubated by the team behind the world-renowned automotive customizer Bulletproof Automotive. Unplugged Performance is the world's leading company focused on the customization and sports performance of Tesla Motors vehicles.

All of our parts are researched and engineered on our own development vehicles with the intention of improving every aspect of the driving and ownership experience. Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give a new sporty performance identity to Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.


Abstract Ocean

Abstract Ocean offer all sorts of accessories for all 3 Tesla models and are known for excellent customer service.

More on Abstract Ocean below:

The Abstract Ocean adventure started in 2013, with our first product, a neoprene keyholder for the slippery Model S key.

The company exists because we are passionate Tesla owners, and accidentally carved out a small niche designing and manufacturing small accessories. Tesla vehicles, as you probably know, are amazing, but nothing is perfect, and we try to fill the gaps with great products, backed with awesome service. 

Fast forward to now, and we have over 300 products and  12,000 customers across 46 countries. We're still a 100% family-run business, and will always prioritize great products and awesome customer service over profit. 

Although based in Texas, we have a strong focus on providing great service wherever you are. I (Pete) am British, and well used to the pain of ordering from international suppliers. We make no profit on shipping (in fact, we make a significant loss), and always aim to ship orders within one business day.



CARiD literally has everything for every car ever made. Additionally, there's a good selection of Tesla parts and accessories offered too.

More on CARiD below:

CARiD.com is one of the largest online retailers of car parts and accessories, specializing in both OEM and aftermarket products. When you own a vehicle, you always want it to be at its best. And that takes more than just oil changes and the occasional car wash. You need more. At CARiD.com, we give you the opportunity!


EV Amped

EV Amped focuses mainly on interior accessories for your Tesla. Organizers, cupholders, consoles and more are available through EV Amped:

More on EV Amped below:

EVamped originated from one man's desire to have a place for his beverages in the rear seats of the Tesla Model S. Prior to 2016, the Tesla Model S was not equipped with factory-installed rear cupholders for beverage storage. Instead, rear passengers were challenged with the grueling task of holding their beverages with the risk of making their hands extremely warm or cold (depending on the beverage of choice). However, we at EVamped exclaimed, "enough is enough" and proceeded to create our first product: The EVamped Rear Console.

The original prototype took the form of a highly cross-linked foam block and was outfitted with two plastic cup holders. While this solved the rear cup holder dilemma of the Model S, we set out to refine our product. We invested in high-quality upholstery and cup holders in order to match the OEM elements of the Tesla Model S interior, which lead to the development of our Insane model. But just as the launch modes of the Tesla evolved, so did our product.

​We went on to fulfill the desires of Tesla rear passengers for USB charging and beverage visibility. This led to the creation of our Ludicrous model, equipped with dual USB charging ports and LED cup holders. Once our rear console had reached its final form, we proceeded to invest in other accessories. From front consoles to trunk organizers, we at EVamped are continuing to develop and produce accessories for the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X, along with preparing for future Tesla models to come. 



No explanation needed. Amazon has everything, including lots of Tesla accessories from the sites we've listed above and from numerous other vendors too.

More on Amazon below:

Amazon.com, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.

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