Dealing with the public is a tough job. Some mistake journalism for advertising and expect you to deliver the latter, not the former. Some just do not read anything and decide to comment to show they did not read or – worse still – did not understand. Others just decide to hold tight their beliefs and passions even confronting rational and reasonable facts that challenge them. Andy Rogerson, from the Electric Vehicle Man YouTube channel, gets his fair share of all of these things. He decided to invite us into his reality and show the five worst kinds of comments he has to cope with. Both defending or attacking electric cars.

It is interesting to notice precisely this. When you deal with informing the audience, anything that attacks the truth is unpleasant. Either bashing EVs for things that are evidently false or trying to hide known defects and problems they may have.

Rogerson does not make much effort to show how wrong these sorts of comments are. We say “sort” because they repeat in a sad frequency. They create categories of fallacy junk other people are almost forced to read, some in good faith.

He does not resort to personal opinions at any moment. He just mentions studies, serious articles, and information to debunk the lousy arguments he receives in his videos.

Is The Audi E-Tron A Good Car But A Bad EV?

We will let you appreciate all the comments Rogerson refers to so that you enjoy the video. No spoilers. Above all, because the video not only is full of nice information. It is also very funny, as all videos from him normally are.

When you watch it, remember not to put yourself in the same position these commenters do. Not even if you use a fake identity to comment. Unless you are a troll, you’ll probably feel embarrassed to be a supporter of misinformation and free advertising in a not so distant future.

Video Description Via Electric Vehicle Man On YouTube:

To celebrate passing 20k subs I thought I'd have a bit of fun by looking at the most annoying comments I constantly get on my channel!

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