The Tesla Model S and Model X now come with a grabbing stick in the UK. The brand recently announced that it would stop selling right-hand drive cars in some markets, and instead offered customers the option of left-hand drive configurations of its premium cars.

In some markets like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand, Tesla stopped shipping the RHD Model S and Model X, reportedly due to mechanical and logistical hurdles. Instead, it offered existing reservation holders a refund or the option to downgrade to the LHD Model Y or Model 3.

But in select markets like the UK and Japan, where regulations permit LHD cars, Tesla offered its Model S and Model X customers the LHD configuration. 

Naturally, driving an LHD car in an RHD market would have downsides. And to counter one of the possible inconveniences, Tesla is offering its UK customers a grabbing stick named 'The Reacher,' for reaching the passenger side window to grab parking receipts, drive-through items, or any small objects handed over from the other side.


It's amusing, but the accessory is unlikely to ease potential buyers' frustration. Customers were disappointed when Tesla discontinued the RHD models, as some of them were waiting for as long as two years. Reports surfaced that after UK customers received the cancellation notice, they switched to Mercedes and Porsche EVs.

If anything, the grabbing stick is just another quirky tool in Tesla's playbook. Its cars offer plenty of off-beat features. Last year in China, Tesla offered customers the TeslaMic for its 'caraoke' system. The Model X also has plenty of easter eggs, where it can make the vehicle appear like a Mars rover on the navigation screen, or make its falcon wing doors dance to Christmas tunes.


What do you think of Tesla discontinuing the RHD Model S and Model X in some markets? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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