Scania unveiled at the 2019 Busworld its next-generation 12-m Citywide bus, which for the very first time will enter series production in an all-electric version too.

According to brief specs, the bus will be available with a range of just 80-150 km (50-93 miles), but the Swedish brand (part of Volkswagen Group) intends to offset it with 300 kW DC roof-mounted pantograph charging system. Through charging at the end stops, the bus might be used for the entire shift.

The main benefit of having a lower capacity battery is more space for passengers (up to 95 passengers) and lower weight (on par with conventional buses). The price is also lower. We guess that like in the case of other manufacturers (such as Volvo), Scania will add higher battery capacity options at a later stage.

"The 12-metre Scania Citywide BEV comes equipped with a powerful 300 kW electric motor. With Scania’s oil spray cooling system for the motor there are no torque limitations in hilly and warm environments. Even at an eight-percent grade, the bus will maintain a speed of 30 kilometres. This cooling system also eliminate the need for AC compromises with both systems fully operational in parallel.

The batteries have been divided with four on the roof and four in in the rear overhang to give a lower centre of gravity, enabling better bus driveability and handling. This distribution of weight enables the bus to carry up to 95 passengers.

The Scania Citywide BEV showcased at Busworld is built for opportunity fast charging through the inverted pantograph. With fewer batteries, the bus is equal in weight to traditional diesel and gas bus with a similar passenger capacity. In addition to 300 kW DC roof-mounted pantograph charging, the bus is equipped both for alternating and direct current depot charging."

"All the main components, such as batteries and powertrain, have been designed and engineered by Scania, thereby vouching for complete vehicle optimisation. Scania can therefore take complete vehicle responsibility with services and expertise in its global network, which ensures maximum availability."

Scania Citywide battery electric bus
Scania Citywide battery electric bus
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