Way back when Tesla CEO Elon Musk first spoke of the Model Y, he said it would be an all-new vehicle on its own platform. Those initial plans changed and, to many people's disappointment, Tesla revealed a Model Y that is essentially an inflated Model 3. It's on the same platform as Tesla's small sedan and shares most parts.

While people were not happy about this, it's clear that if Tesla wants to bring a small, affordable crossover to market quickly and efficiently, this plan is the way to go. The Model Y should be reasonably inexpensive to manufacture since the automaker worked out all the bugs during the Model 3 launch. In addition, the Silicon Valley automaker could hypothetically have it ready to roll out almost immediately and the manufacturing process should prove quite quick.

In terms of Tesla's financial situation, the Y should help since most development costs and tooling have already been taken care of as part of Model 3 production. The Model Y's starting price is only $4,000 more than the Model 3's, but it seems that could be enough to help Tesla make a profit. This will be especially true if the all-electric crossover gains wide popularity, which is expected.

We'll have to wait and see how Tesla's plans play out. The automaker has been notoriously late with reveals, production, and deliveries in the past. Could the Model Y finally be the vehicle to change that? According to Clean Technica, leaked information says production may start as early as Q1 2020.

Check out the video above and the analysis below to learn what Kim from Like Tesla thinks, as well as load of details about the Model Y. Then, let us know your forecast in the comment section below.

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Tesla Model Y Coming Sooner Than Expected? Everything We Know!

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There’s been a lot of exciting buzz around the upcoming release of the Tesla Model Y as numerous images are being leaked of pre-production Y’s being transported around Teslas Fremont factory in California as well as being tested in the wild too.

Also, Clean Technica is reporting of an unofficial leak that Model Y could possibly begin production as early as Q1 2020 as opposed to the late Q3 2020 which was what Tesla initially promised. We’ve also, independently received a similar leak of possible lines shutting down at the Fremont factory for retooling and maybe some big news for Tesla and Model Y fans as we head into the new year.

Goal with Model Y has always been to start ramping as quickly as seamlessly as possible because you’ll probably remember the hellish ramp of both Model X and Model 3 over the past couple of years.

Good news here is that there the 3 and Y will share about 3 out of every 4 parts with one another according to Elon Musk, and he’s even said he expects the manufacturing costs of the Y to be pretty similar to Model 3, making developing the car, building it and mass producing it a whole lot easier on the company.

Tesla has also been pretty crafty in how they’ve priced the Model Y. It costs about $4 thousand dollars more than a Model 3, but it opens up quite a bit of room for growing its profit margin, since Tesla didn’t have to spend much more than they already -had- to develop Model 3.

Model Y is also in a unique spot, because unlike the 3 that is in a weakening sedan market, the global midsize SUV market is on fire. Last year, it grew by about 7% and account for the SUV market accounts for about 4 of every 10 cars sold worldwide. And that number continues to grow year over year.

Tesla expects that the Model Y could easily be its most profitable product ever, and possibly bring in more revenue that all of the S,X and 3 sales combined.

On that note, Tesla has never been one to be early to the party. Whether its an unveiling event start time or expected product launches, but once you add some of the dots with the parts parity between the Model 3 and Y, the images of pre-production Y’s on trucks and on roadways. Plus some of the possible leaks that if there ever was a Tesla to be delivered ahead of schedule, it would be Model Y then it really makes for an exciting upcoming coupe of months.

We know, they’ll be four variants offered. Standard range Long range rear wheel drives, plus Dual motor and Dual motor Performance models.

Prices start around $39,000 for the base model and go as high as $61,000 for the dual motor performance. All cars will get premium interior and sound. The panoramic glass roof is also standard just like the Model 3.

Model Y is expected to offer 7 seats, but that’ll add $3 thousand to the price tag and isn’t currently expected to be released until 2021.

What I can say is that the pre-production model that I test rode in, didn’t seem like it would be the most comfortable 3rd row for an adult but again those can all change.

An automated trunk will be standard on the Y, plus there will be a tow bar. Although towing capacity has yet to be publicized.

The Y will also have 66 cubic feet of storage with the second row folded down. That is more than 20 cubic feet better than Model 3 with seats down.

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