Having a Tesla can be a privilege, but it can also be a pain. We are not even talking about the defective units with paint and rust issues. Our focus here are cars that seem to have no problems besides calling people’s attention. And making them do stupid things, like standing over the frunk. Luckily, Tesla’s have cameras and Sentry Mode to help owners identify these guys. Harry Potter, is that you?

Why Is Harry Potter Taking Pictures Of A Man Standing Over A Tesla?

Despite the resemblance to the famous character, this guy is not Daniel Radcliffe on a bad day. His partner does not seem like anyone in particular, but there is surely someone who will immediately recognize both of them. Perhaps one of our readers will.

Gallery: Why Is Harry Potter Taking Pictures Of A Man Standing Over A Tesla?

This video was published on October 3, and it was shot in San Jose, California. We do not know in which street nor the precise day in which this happened. Perhaps none of this would help more than these guys’ faces. Didn’t they know Tesla cars have cameras? And Sentry Mode? Probably not.

Stepping on somebody else’s car hood to take pictures is vandalism. According to California’s Penal Code, if the damages are of more than $400, they will put the perpetrators in jail from 1 to 3 years and make them pay fines of up to $10,000. If they get caught, of course. And that part is on you.

If you happen to know any of these guys, get in touch with the owner of the Goldengate Liu YouTube channel through comments. Unfortunately, we did not find any way to contact him or her directly to know more about the whole situation.

Why Is Harry Potter Taking Pictures Of A Man Standing Over A Tesla?

What we do know is that this sort of thing should never happen regardless of the car. Standing over the frunk of a Tesla is no way to stand out. Perhaps in jail, but we could not tell. The fake Harry Potter and his partner may be able to do that.

Video Description Via Goldengate Liu On YouTube:

I found two footprints on my car, good that sentry mode caught these ugly faces

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