This video reveals another case of a driver hitting a Tesla in a parking lot and seemingly assuming he/she could get away with it. As you can see in the video, this Kia hits the Tesla when trying to park, then promptly drives away, considers parking elsewhere, but eventually leaves the scene entirely.

First of all, we can't even begin to fathom the number of incidents like this that happen every day and remain unresolved. In this case, the Tesla owner parked his car and went into the gym, only to be alerted within minutes that his car alarm was triggered.

Upon heading out to inspect his vehicle, he noticed a fair amount of damage on the driver's side rear bumper, quarter panel, and tire. He contacted the police. When the officer arrived, he told them that he likely had video footage of the incident, thanks to Tesla Sentry Mode.

In the end, the officer was able to identify the driver that hit his Tesla. The Kia driver's insurance reportedly paid for the damage. However, Tesla owner and YouTuber Ben White wasn't told if the driver was cited.


Video Description via Ben White on YouTube:

Tesla Sentry Mode Event: Parking Lot Hit and Run

My car was hit within 2 minutes of arriving at the gym:

I got a notification that my car alarm was triggered. I went out to see why. I noticed damage on the rear of my car with no other driver in sight. Here is what happened.


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