Most of TeslaCam videos come from the US, but that does not mean that things are going smoothly for Tesla cars elsewhere despite what Folksam claims. If their cameras do not register the damages they suffer, they help solve problems that happen with other vehicles. Like this one with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class that occurred in Paris.

Saul Lopez is an expert in electric mobility and founder of the website. He was in Paris – more precisely at the Boulevard Péripherique, close to the Porte D’Ivry – when his Tesla Model 3 cameras recorded the accident above. 

The Mercedes-Benz, according to comments, belongs to an Ethiopian diplomat. No one apart the E-Class got hurt, but Lopez is now kind of disappointed by the low image quality provided by the Model 3 cameras.

He said that he was driving towards the sun and that the camera works pretty badly in such situations. It is a complain that Robin Geoulla, the driver that hit a fire truck at I-405 in California, also made.

With this problem, Lopez does not manage to get the license plate of the truck. He has even asked Elon Musk for help to get better cameras on future versions of Tesla cars.


We went after details of where the accident happened because other cameras may have filmed the crash. Or the truck. We bet there are cameras on the Boulevard Péripherique that could help identify the driver.

One other comment, from the Locknar Falcon user, says the logo on top of the truck looks like one from Évolutrans. The new logo of the company dates from 2017, but the original one is very likely to be the right one. Check the image below.

TeslaCam Films Impressive Truck Hit And Run. Help Find The Hitter

Has Locknar Falcon given us a good tip? We definitely think so.

If you are reading from France, you may have seen the accident. Or know more about it. Help Lopez and the French police find the truck driver. Not because of the accident: trucks are enormous machines that are very difficult to drive. Sometimes it is troublesome to see a smaller vehicle. What has no excuse is acting as nothing happened.

We hope they find this guy. And that he has a good reason never to keep going after such an ugly accident.

Gallery: TeslaCam Films Impressive Truck Hit And Run. Help Find The Hitter

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