Toyota was present at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show probably with a higher number of electric vehicles than any other manufacturer, but most of them were futuristic concepts, rather than hints of actual products.

The most noticeable are a prototype of theUltra-compact BEV, Toyota LQ and Toyota e-Racer.

Toyota Ultra-compact BEV

Toyota Ultra-compact BEV is a tiny 2-seater, similar to a smart. There is a chance for a production version for the Japanese market.

  • 100 km (62 miles) of range
  • 60 km/h (37 mph) top speed
  • charging 0-100% in around 5 hours
  • Length 2,490 mm, Width 1,290 mm, Height 1,550 mm

Toyota LQ

The Toyota LQ reminds us the autonomous Toyota Concept-I from 2017 CES. This one is reportedly more street-ready though.

Toyota e-Racer

Here a very special vision of a sports car.

Experience the virtual fitting function that creates a racing suit just for you
This vehicle represents the "fun to drive" element of the future. Wearing specialized digital glasses, visitors can enjoy a real-life experience of a racing course of their choosing, and customize seating to fit their body shape.

Gallery: Toyota e-Racer

Toyota e-Palette, Micro Palette and other EVs

Here is the range of autonomous robo-vehicles from Toyota:

Showcases autonomous driving at a powerful entertainment show featuring people, mobility, and images in collaboration
A mobility service that maintains a close-knit relationship with people of the future. Not just a form of physical transport, it provides a space for people to enjoy hobbies while bringing stores and services to customers.
"TOYOTA e-4me"
Live performance on stage of a futuristic single-seat mobility service that offers a bit of luxury
This single-seat mobility platform offering a taste of luxury allows the passenger to use their time while en route to do what they want. It allows passengers to enjoy various services without worrying about other people.
"TOYOTA Micro Palette"
Debuts serving water!
A small delivery robot that delivers physical goods to a loved one, along with the feelings that go with it. This one last-mile mobility suggests emotion-filled distribution in the future.
"TOYOTA e-Care"
Experience a medical exam of the future using a facial version of the well-known game 'rock-paper-scissors'.
This mobility service allows a passenger to talk with a doctor while en route and also undergo a medical exam on their way to the hospital. This vehicle goes where it is needed, including a customer's home or other destinations.

Gallery: Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show, the future of the mobilty

Toyota PMCV Concept

Toyota Auto Body, a manufacturing subsidiary of Toyota, also was present at the Tokyo Motor Show with its own electric concept, the Toyota PMCV.

It's not only a 7-seater but also an autonomous vehicle.

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