TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry Mode are fantastic ways to protect your own EV. Anyway, they have already proven that they can also help make the traffic a less dangerous environment if people use their images to do something. Anything. Such as never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. What did the guy in the video above take? We would bet it was booze, but we cannot say for sure. The video owner preferred to go with the most obvious option. And he may be very right.

Gallery: TeslaCam Films DUI Situation In Two Perspectives

Jeff Woo put not one, but two TeslaCam videos of what he and his Tesla witnessed. We have tried to take some screenshots, but nothing is as good as footage to show what really happened. It is just a pity Woo did not say when or where. If you happen to know him, ask him to complete the video description or to get in touch with us. We’ll update this article as soon as we have more info on the circumstances.

Regarding the action itself, there is no doubt what is going on. The DUI apparently takes place on a grey first-generation Mazda3, which wanders as if there is no tomorrow. Luckily for that driver and others around him, there was. At least in the video above. And in the one below:

We have no idea how this guy managed to get home. Nor if he did, to be quite honest. Who knows what he may have done to his modest Mazda on the way? Perhaps a movie scene such as the one below? If you watch it, do it without sound. Or not at work, please. Or close to children. NSFW.

Perhaps this is what the Mazda3 is looking like now. Or what it wants to look like when it grows up and has someone behind its steering wheel driving under the influence of whatever. But how could anyone want that, right? Other drivers surely don’t. A humble car would also probably hate such a fate. Hopefully, it will become a thing of the past soon. TeslaCam may help that happen.

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