Look at the dump truck driver in this video. We cannot imagine him doing anything other than waking up, staring at the mirror and saying: “Today, I’m going to play it risky.”

That is the only possible explanation for what he does on the highway here. In a two-way stretch, with no vision of the opposing lane, he decided to overtake a tractor. With oncoming traffic. That is what this TeslaCam video shows.

Gallery: TeslaCam Registers Truck Near Miss That Could Have Caused Pile-Up

“That was close” has never had a better use than in the footage above. Although the image is not the best one possible of what happens, you can see that the dump truck is clearly in the wrong. It is letting a lot of dirt fly from its cargo area. Shouldn’t it be covered?

Apart from that, the dump truck driver did everything we have already described in the first paragraph. The tractor had to brake to allow the dump truck to make the scary pass. And it was a very hard braking since the tractor’s emergency lights went off and are still active quite a while after all the confusion happens.

TeslaCam Registers Truck Near Miss That Could Have Caused Pile-Up

The tractor was already partially on the roadside to allow other vehicles to overcome. That may be its driver's main mistake since the dump truck driver may have thought there was no oncoming traffic. But that is no excuse to try to overcome without a clear view. The second-generation Ford Focus has to go to the roadside of the left lane not to crash.

According to the Tysto YouTube channel, it all happened at around 2:30 PM last October 10 on the US 6 close to Bremen, Indiana. The drivers in the opposing lane will remember this date as to when they got a second chance to live. If the dump truck hit any of them, we would have seen a massive pile-up, possibly with dead people.

TeslaCam Registers Truck Near Miss That Could Have Caused Pile-Up

We know truck drivers face heavy pressure to deliver as fast as possible, but not killing anyone in the process should be a priority. We hope this one, in particular, wakes up from this with a different mindset. As well as all his fellow drivers.

Video Description By Tysto On YouTube:

Truck passes tractor on US 6 at Bremen, Indiana, and nearly causes a pile-up among on-coming traffic.

Caught on Tesla dash cam: 2019 10 10 14 30 33 front

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